Bagging Some Bargains

We had to go shopping today, so list in hand off we went to Cheltenham. We were slowed somewhat by the road we normally use to get to the car park being closed for resurfacing, but in the end we found our way to the multi storey attached to the shopping centre. I don’t like old concrete multi storey car parks, but there is an advantage to not having to go outside when it’s raining!

Our list was short.

Shoes for Mr PC. The poor soul has been unhappy at going out lately, because his shoes (not his only shoes, by the way, just the only ones he wants to wear) have cracks across the soles. Puddles, snow, drizzle, all result in wet socks. We found an almost identical pair in TK Maxx for £25. This led to much jubilation, as finding Mr PC a pair of shoes he likes can be quite a challenge.

Wellies for Miss 11. She has grown out of her old pair. Strangely, we found these quite hard to track down, even though she’s now a 3 so we have the full adult and child ranges to look at. We were in BHS in the end, and in the reversal of our normal curse of the sizes I found the last pair of wellies in the shop. In Miss 11’s size. Reduced from £22  to £11. When paying, the till declared they had been reduced further, to £7. Don’t you love it when that happens?

Winter coat for Miss 9. She has a raincoat. She has a woollen winter coat. Neither has a hood, and neither is particularly waterproof. We found a ski jacket reduced from £60 to £20. Waterproof, hooded, and a size too big so it will last for next winter. Fabulous.

Perhaps this isn’t the sort of thing you expect much of on this blog. No craft, no cooking, no reading: just being a consumer. But you know what? It made me so pleased! Just going out and being able to find everything we want (rare), and bargains at that (even rarer), and all in good humour and within the car park ticket time (last orchid up a mist encircled mountainside).

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1 Response to Bagging Some Bargains

  1. Laura says:

    But that shopping trip was epic in it’s own way…how often do we get to come home from shopping feeling that good?

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