And Now For a History Lesson

It all started because of the Linda McCartney food range. We had a conversation, during which the girls asked Who’s Linda McCartney? Well, I wouldn’t expect them to have heard of Wings or be interested in 1960’s photographers, so we started with somewhere we thought they would know.

Have you heard of Paul McCartney?


Have you heard of The Beatles?

-A blank look.

I was a bit gobsmacked. You know when you think that things are so much a part of the fabric of society, known by everyone, just part of the world, you don’t think about them, they just ARE. Well, apparently kids don’t know things unless they’re told. So, it was time to pull out an old CD.

Have you heard this song before?

-No. It sounds very old fashioned!

Have you heard of John Lennon?

-Yes. (Finally!!!!) Was he the least famous Beatle?

Least famous!!?!! No. (Can any of The Beatles be classed as the least famous? Apart from those that failed to make the final four, of course.)

Let’s try another song. Do you know this one?

-Yes! We had to learn that on the ukulele!

So, my girls had never knowingly heard of The Beatles, and only knew of any of their songs because of ukulele lessons at school. I think I need to get out the history books. Or at least some historical CDs!

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