Happiness, Part 3

So another month has passed. This last month I have been ‘engaging more’. That means finding things which absorb me. I’m not sure I’ve actually changed anything much. Since being a housewife (and a housewife who doesn’t spend a great deal of time actually looking after the house as such) I’ve had the luxury of being able to fill my time with things I enjoy.

At the start of the month I was a bit restricted with what I could do, and reading was my main way of becoming absorbed in something. I read a couple of books which were great. Unfortunately, the next book I had to hand, and one which was on my reading list, was Ulysses by James Joyce. I tell you, War and Peace is a spot of light reading in comparison. I have not found flow in Ulysses. I can’t even find my page in Ulysses. I don’t usually use bookmarks when I read. I close the book, and the next time I pick it up, I open it about where I was, and flick through for a couple of seconds until I find my page. With Ulysses I tried that, then I’d read for a page and a half, then get to a sentence or a situation I remembered reading before and realise how much was passing through my eyes, but not making it to my brain at all.

Ulysses is having a break at the moment, and I’ve read a couple of other books instead, which were much more fun.

By last week, my wrist was much better too. Enough better for me to pick up my knitting needles, something else in which I can get absorbed, and less irritated when there’s something on TV I don’t really want to watch. I have finished another item from my UFO list! More of that anon.

Of course my targets from January have still been on my mind. I have been writing more as well, and getting back to cooking something new. I made flapjacks for the first time (true! I’d never made them before) and today I shall make Welsh cakes.

So where does this leave my happiness score? I scored 4.4, which compares to a base of 4.2 and last month’s 4.6. Am I therefore less happy than I was a month ago? No, but the sun isn’t shining today. I think I’ll have to start two charts, a bit like the Top Gear track times being wet or dry, I’ll have to have happiness scores, sunny or dull.

Anyhow, what am I going to do in March? In March I will be cultivating optimism. In the original set of questions I answered, this category scored the lowest, so it really should have ended up in December. When I read the description of what I need to do, I thought, ‘That’s my kind of thing!’ so I shunted it up the list. I will be writing about ‘My best possible future’ several times over this month. Daydreaming and writing together! Perfect. I might even find flow.

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1 Response to Happiness, Part 3

  1. Laura says:

    The husband loves Top Gear, so I understood your reference. (And he thought that comparable was pretty cool.)

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