Peregrine Jumper

I made another jumper. This is the one which was on my UFO list even though I hadn’t started it because it is for a growing child.

It was Peregrine, which was a pattern published in a booklet Rowan gave away with some magazine. I didn’t use the recommended yarn. Firstly because they have discontinued some of the colours, and secondly because there is no way I would pay £90 for the yarn for a child’s jumper. No way at all. Do these designers live in a different world? I had trouble finding a range of wool which had the right sort of colour range, and in the end the place I found it was among the cheap acrylics in the shop which also has seeds, plastic buckets, and those wheeled shopping carts pensioners use stacked outside.


I loved making this pattern. It has knitting and crochet and embroidery and enough colour and pattern variation to keep me interested. What I didn’t enjoy was the ends. The 400 ends I had to sew in. I’m sure there was some bad planning involved there too, but I’m not quite sure how to get round that. If anyone has any advice on how to avoid ends when crocheting DCs backwards and forwards in four different colours so you’re always starting your colour at the opposite end to where you cut it off four rows before, do share!


I sewed it all up, it looked just right, and she tried it on. It was huge. Just about wide enough for two of her. It fits me quite well. I checked my tension – spot on. In fact, this is the first time in my life I had knitted a tension square in advance. It is also the second project in a row which has been far too large for my girls, even though it is made exactly to the size specified. How big are our kids supposed to be now? I have taken the finished jumper to be my very own, and have started another. I am making it to the age 5-6 instructions width wise, and 11-12 length wise.

JumperSo anyway, here it is. Part one, at least. I’m halfway up the back of part two, and feeling very pleased that I quite enjoyed making it in the first place, and that the acrylic is obviously so much longer for its weight than the recommended yarn, that I have enough of most of the colours to make three of them!

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