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It’s the start of the month again, and again I did my happiness questionnaire. Sunny day, 4.5. Much the same then, which really is all that could be expected as this month I didn’t really do it properly. I was supposed to increase my optimism by writing about my best possible future, with a warning that the results would be proportional to the effort. That does seem to have been the case!

In April I will be not overthinking, and avoiding social comparisons.

In other news, we had a trip out yesterday to a lovely place called The Hop Pocket. This is a little craft centre / garden centre / farm shop / antique shop / mini shopping centre in the middle of nowhere on the road between Worcester and Hereford. I have wanted to go there for years, and finally made it.

I saw a kitchen I would love in my house, some of the cutest baby clothes you have ever seen, leading me to scrabble about in my mind to see if there is a new baby somewhere I really should get something for, carved wooden toadstools, and an oscilloscope. Yes, an oscilloscope, just like the ones I used at university back when I knew how to use one.

One thing which is useful if you have children with slightly unusual names, is the shop which engraves names on products as part of the price. If you have a child who gazes hopefully at the rows of magnets and pens that never have their name on, that’s a valuable service.

It was a lovely trip out, topped off with a pot of ‘Ahh, that hits the spot’ tea.


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