Sewing Circle

My craft buddies came for a visit today, laden with an exciting basket filled with fabric and templates. What a lovely surprise! I was expecting to have coffee, lunch, and perhaps some other baked goodies, but something new to make was a real added bonus.

We have been making etui boxes. Here is an already made one:

Etui box closedAnd open it up, and see the magic:

Etui box open A perfect little sewing kit! I was so excited when I saw this. I’m going to make something this beautiful, and useful, and fun!

So far mine looks like this:

Etui box unfinishedThere’s a bit of a way to go, but I’m so looking forward to finishing this and having a little sewing box that looks cute and floral on the outside, and opens to display a bright inner. – Imagine a black and white cat yawning a huge yawn.

The only disadvantage to having such an activity to do was that it gave me ample opportunity to immerse myself in making, rather than being a good hostess. The chocolates I didn’t get round to serving are still sitting on the kitchen worktop. Bad me! And I wasn’t nearly as diligent in making cups of tea as I might have been.

Still, it was lovely to have a catch up with people I see all too infrequently now. I did enjoy having regular Wednesday morning craft sessions when we lived in Herefordshire, and now we only get together in the holidays. I want to cram in three months worth of chat, tea and craft into one day!

Anyway, I’m already planning a trip to Hobbycraft to buy a glue gun and a fabric cutter. Absolute essentials, I’m sure you’ll agree. Particularly as I’ve just created another UFO to add to my list!

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1 Response to Sewing Circle

  1. Laura says:

    What a great day…that box is fabulous! I love beautiful, useful and fun!

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