A Trip to the Malverns

The sun shone yesterday! We have been waiting for some nice weather to get out and about to somewhere with a view, so off we went to the Malvern Hills.

There were a couple of things I neglected to think about before we left home.

Sensible shoes. Mud.

Muddy ShoesSnow.

SnowReally, I didn’t even think about the fact there would still be snow there. We have got off very lightly with this last bout of cold. While farmers not too far away have spent a couple of weeks digging sheep out of ten foot snow drifts, we watched it fall, thought how pretty the icing sugar effect was, and watched it melt.

The snow on the Malverns was not deep, but it was slippery in places. In one place, we managed the uphill part OK, but on the downhill Mr PC had to carry Mr 5, then come back to hold my hand. My balance is never brilliant, and my silly shoes were a real liability. We made it, and it was beautiful. There was even a bit of warmth in the sun!

The reason for the trip was to test our new app (more of which, anon). We needed a view, and we needed a nice picture for our splash screen. We had been putting it off, and it is the last thing which needed doing, because we wanted beautiful spring shots, not barren winter ones. It has got to the point that we just couldn’t wait for the weather any more. We can always update the photos in the future if we need to.

Malvern Hills

We had a beautiful and productive day.

I was going to write this post last night, but I wasn’t really in the mood, because our cat went off wandering, and we thought she might have been gone for good. We let her out on Friday evening, and at food time we called her in and shook her food bag. She took one look at us and jumped down to the opposite side of the fence. She was gone all day yesterday. Yes, this cat who hates going out in the daytime stayed out an entire day. Quite possibly, she spent the whole day huddling in a corner hiding from the sun. Anyway, at ten to three this morning she was sat by the back door, probably wondering why her doorman wasn’t on duty.

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Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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3 Responses to A Trip to the Malverns

  1. What a lovely family outing and so pleased your kitty came back!
    So nice to get out and about with the family – I’m glad I’m not the only one who forgets sensible footwear and such on outings. Hard to remember everything!

  2. Laura says:

    Sunshine can do that to a person!
    Glad the “cat came back,” no matter what the hour ;0)

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