A Full Weekend

We went away for the long weekend. We love the lake district, so we booked a lodge (translation: chalet, or big garden shed with plumbing and electricity) for the weekend. We hadn’t really spent much time in the Southern lakes before, so we picked a place right down near Morecambe bay.

We were very close to Cartmel.

Cartmel Village StoreCartmel is a lovely village, but even better than the village itself is what is in the village shop. Sticky toffee pudding. Oh my. Heaven in a foil tray.

We had thought about eating out when we were in Cartmel. We researched it before we went, and decided that if we didn’t have kids, and fussy ones at that, we’d have definitely tried out Rogan & Co. We had never heard of Simon Rogan, but thought that the restaurant looked fantastic. The very next day, Simon Rogan was on Masterchef, telling the competitors how to cook his meals. Ah well. The children will leave home one day, and fine dining will become a possibility again!

Cartmel also had an antique fair on over the weekend. I went and had a look, and I found something I’ve been looking for for a long time. I now have a darning mushroom! The stallholder also had a nicer looking one, but I plan to use mine in anger so I bought the sturdier but slightly uglier one. I was so thrilled to finally find one.

After visiting Cartmel we went off to Grizedale forest. Firstly, we parked at the visitor centre. And paid. We only got two hours parking, because that used up all the loose change we had. Seriously, if you’re going to charge more than £5 for parking, at least put in a machine that takes paper money, or better, plastic! Given that we were restricted to two hours we did a walk to a view point which had an average walk time of two hours. We made it in just less than two hours, but didn’t stop at the cafe as we had run out of time. Their loss!

It rained on Sunday morning so we stayed close and went somewhere with a roof: Holker Hall. Actually, if you have a specific interest in roofs, Holker Hall has a particularly lovely one.

Holker HallIt was so nice to walk round a stately home that didn’t have areas all cordoned off and inaccessible. It is a truly beautiful house, and well worth a visit (and children go free!). We also had lunch in the cafe. The fussiest children in the world were all completely happy (sausage and fries, lasagne, vegetable soup and a roll) and so was I (red pepper quiche).

An even better reason to visit is to see the gardens. Even this year with such a late spring, they were lovely. I can only imagine how much better they will be once the rhododendrons are all completely out.

On Monday, we chased the sun southwards, and came home and had a picnic on our lawn. We were straight out to Broadway in the afternoon, and walked from the tower down to the village, then back up to the tower. It’s a five mile walk, quite steep in places, and the kids did brilliantly. All this walking to school and back is obviously paying off – we’d have never managed the walk a year ago.

The sun shone, the grass was green, we were the last customers in the cafe at the top before they closed.


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  1. Laura says:

    Wow, what a lovely, lovely weekend!

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