A Gentle Invasion

I have a friend who’s written a book!

A Gentle InvasionA Gentle Invasion, by Janice Moore, is a story based in a manor house which has been opened up to a group of civil war re-enactors in order to make a bit of cash. For Lady Victoria, the consequences are far reaching! It is a romance with a glimpse into the lives of those people who dress up and hang round in old houses to answer your questions and tell you stories as you walk round. There’s humour and tears, but watch out for that ferret!

I read this book in an earlier incarnation, before it was published, and I know it has changed a bit since, including the very last chapter, so I can’t tell you how it ends! I’ll have to get hold of a copy to read the last chapter. It is for sale in the Kindle store for 85p,

I don’t have a Kindle, but I am beginning to see that I might need to get one. Firstly, because my bookcases are already overflowing, and secondly, because there are an increasing number of books that are only available electronically, or are available much more cheaply that way.

Anyway, if you do have a Kindle, and fancy a sojourn in a Civil War manor house, give A Gentle Invasion a try!

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