A Sunny Bank Holiday

We have been out and about.

Yesterday we went to Herefordshire. The girls had been invited to a party in Hereford in the afternoon, so we decided to make a day of it. We went to church in Pembridge, and caught up with people we hadn’t seen since we left. It was nice to be back among friends we know well.

We decided to pop into the shop. Ye Olde Steppes is the Pembridge village shop. It was closed for a long while, then Mark and Gary came along and have completely transformed it. We went along to the opening in January last year, but it has been re-arranged since then, and extra space turned into a tea-room. I tell you, we would move back to Pembridge just to be near that shop! It is lovely. So lovely that they won the Best Hospitality Provider 2013 at the HEFF Diamond Awards last week. It’s very well deserved.

We went on down to the Water Gardens for a bit of lunch. It makes such a change to be able to sit out in the sunshine! We also bought a new gunnera there, although whether it will do as well here as the last one did in our old garden, I’m not sure. We have very clay soil here, so we’ll see how it grows.

Then it was off down to the leisure pool for the party. Great fun for the girls, and lots of brief hellos for me.

Today we went walking. We have started walking regularly. I bought a book a while ago called 50 Walks in Herefordshire and Worcestershire, published by the AA. In the last month we have done walks round Broadway, Cleeve Hill and Badsey. Today it was the turn of Upton Snodsbury. Upton Snodsbury – Isn’t that a glorious name for a village? We had a pleasant walk through  farmland and a bit of woodland. We also got to see Huddington Court, which was the home of a couple of Guy Fawkes’ co-conspirators. It looks like it would be a lovely place to live if it didn’t have a public footpath running right through the garden!

When you walk a walk like this you can sometimes tell where land ownership changes. There are many fields where there is a right of way running diagonally over it. Some farmers plant their crops, then drive their tractor in a line from one stile to another, so walkers have a visible path across, and know where they are allowed to walk. Other farmers don’t bother. I have to say I have no compunction about trampling crops when the crops are planted on the footpath. Particularly if efforts have been made to obscure the public footpath signs.

We are hoping that the kids will speed up on these walks soon. We average less than two miles an hour, which seems awfully slow. It’s slower than we walk every day on the school run, so I’m not quite sure how we manage to dawdle so much! As a fitness regime, I’m sure it would be hugely beneficial to up the pace a little bit. It’s only been four weeks, so perhaps once the kids are a bit more used to it, we’ll get a bit quicker and be able to go a bit further! We broke the 5 mile barrier today (But don’t tell the kids – we’re under instructions to only do the short walks).

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4 Responses to A Sunny Bank Holiday

  1. Laura says:

    We took a walk on Friday, down by a small creek near our place. I was just bemoaning the lack of wild life (where were the birds? the squirrels?) when we spotted a family of foxes, playing tug-of-war (with a squirrel)!

  2. Monica says:

    I bought a similar book but we’ve only managed one so far. If only the weather would cooperate… and my kids stopped playing cricket…

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