Tomato Plants

I really thought I had killed off all my tomato plants. I grew them, hardened them off, and planted them outside. Then the weather turned cold and miserable and my poor tomato plants didn’t know what hit them. No more centrally heated windowsill.

However I now know that their suffering was not entirely my fault. As the weather has improved a significant difference has become apparent. This is how they look today.

Tomato plant in B&Q’s cheapest compost:

Happy TomatoTomato plant in Morrisons compost:

Sad TomatoAnd believe me when I tell you that this plant is looking better since we fed it. That green at the top wasn’t green a few days ago.

I am hugely surprised at the difference. Especially considering that the healthier plants are in the cheaper compost! I am so glad that I planted the last few in the B&Q compost, because otherwise I’d have simply blamed the weather and had no tomatoes this year. As it is, they’re probably not far enough along for us to get any fruit this year – not unless we have an absolutely stunning summer and autumn, but I live in hope. Any home grown tomatoes this year will be picked, washed and savoured as a delicacy.

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4 Responses to Tomato Plants

  1. Deb Weaver says:

    planted mine outside yesterday, fingers crossed xx

  2. Laura says:

    We just got everything planted out this weekend. As for the tomatoes, I always buy them started, and plant a variety. Some of mine have a 60 day maturity, and will have tomatoes by the end of July, but the heirloom varieties always take longer to fruit, so I make sure to buy them as big as I can (they are almost 30 cm right now). And of course, fertilize!

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