Worcester Wanderings

We had to take a car to Kwik-Fit today. We needed a couple of new tyres, so we booked it in to the Worcester branch, and thought that we would have enough time to pop in to Worcester for a spot of shopping. We did have time to shop. Nearly four hours in the end. Slo-Fit would have been a more appropriate name today.

Unexpected as it was, we had a lovely time. We discovered a new shop, Wise Owl Toys. This is a lovely toy shop. It is a brilliant example of the advantages of real shops staffed with real people as opposed to on-line shopping. Now don’t get me wrong, shopping via computer is one of the huge conveniences of modern life, but I do love actual buildings with stock you can see and touch.

We had a lovely chat with a real person, who managed to get us and all the kids playing a game together. Dobble. Now this is the sort of thing you can walk straight past on a shelf, or not even notice on a website, but get the whole family playing and it’s great fun. We bought it because it was so nice to see all the children enjoying it, and it’s a game that anyone can play and enjoy from young to old. We’ve had it out already, and played it with visiting family.

Miss 10 also had the chance to spend some of her birthday money. She wanted some make-up so we went to Superdrug. She chose some, and then had to go through the tills in two separate transactions, to take advantage of the ‘Spend £3.50 and get a free nail varnish’ offer twice. How’s that for a birthday present – make-up and lessons in how to be a savvy shopper!


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