Happy June

I have completely neglected to tell you about The How of Happiness recently! How remiss of me! The last I mentioned, I was planning to spend April not overthinking negative things, and avoiding social comparisons. This, it turns out, is much the same as my normal life. The only thing I do occasionally do, which might be considered comparing myself to others, is hunting for dream homes on the internet. I know this is not a good thing. It definitely doesn’t encourage me to be content with what I have. Unfortunately this thought didn’t cross my mind until after April was over, and that task complete.

In May, I performed acts of kindness. This included making Miss 10 some cushions from some hideous zebra skin design fabric. She loves them, and even I have to admit that they do go very well in her room. When you can see them amongst all the mess.

I did feel that consciously doing kind things did make me feel happier, at least in the short term. Whether it has a long term effect, I’m not sure. I still scored a 4.5 in the happiness questionnaire  at the end of the month, so no change according to that.

This month I am Savouring Joys. This means, three times a day I make sure I slow down and appreciate the moment. I have savoured some jaffa cakes. I have spent time smelling the wonderful caramel coffee I bought last weekend. I have enjoyed a hot bubble bath. I have spent time looking at nature. Particularly this:

Cinnabar MothThese have been fluttering round our garden. I have never seen a moth like this before. The wings below are totally red, and that’s the colour you notice as it flutters past. It made me imagine a vampire with a liking for a nice cerise silk lining in their cloak.


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Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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