I have recently been thinking about exciting things like the balance of trade. I have been thinking that the financial state of a country will never be able to be sorted out while more money is being spent importing things than is being made on exports. It’s just common sense, isn’t it?

I’m sorry! I know you don’t come here for an economics blog. This week I have been planning to cook some asparagus. We live within walking distance of asparagus fields. The crop was a bit late this year, but we have many local suppliers, and plenty of asparagus available at local shops, with very few food miles, none of which are by air freight.

I do my weekly shop at ALDI. This week I picked up some asparagus, assuming somehow that it would be English if not completely local. Luckily we looked at the label. It was grown in Peru. I put it back.

I will be visiting our new local grocer. I will be supporting a suffering town centre. I will be supporting a newly established business. I will be supporting a local farmer. I will be not contributing to the unbalanced balance of trade.

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2 Responses to Asparagus

  1. shelleys says:

    It’s crazy, isn’t it?! I think some people are impatient, or perhaps ignorant, when it comes to obtaining local veg and fruit SEASONALLY. Some of us want it right now… but don’t think of the consequences (higher cost, carbon emissions, loss to local growers etc). What we need to do is be conscious when we go shopping, and let the supermarket chains know we support locally grown produce, by not purchasing fruit and veg that has been flown in. If we were all doing that, ie. all conscious about how our choices effect our environment, then we’d be getting somewhere.

  2. Laura says:

    We took a bike ride to the farmer’s market this weekend, and the asparagus and rhubarb sold out very quickly! It was a great trip — we also got homemade vinarterta, apple syrup, and wool batt for spinning.

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