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We have finally built our shed.

ShedIt took us a while to get organised! Our lawn is not quite level so we had to dig up the turf to get it flat, and that was a job and a half. We did five trips to the dump (sorry, household recycling centre) to get rid of the turf we dug up. I know it doesn’t look like that much, but it was!

We meant to build this shed last weekend, and ordered it to be delivered for Friday just over a week ago. Most of it got here that day, but sadly not the fixings pack, so it sat in our garden for a week. The pack arrived on Wednesday, so we were able to get on with it today.

It is quite a cheap shed. I don’t mean inexpensive, by the way, just cheap. We have made sheds before, and we have never had to nail the base to its batons before. The other ones we’ve had have come pre-attached. We have also never had to use our own screws before, because the supplied one were so weak loads of them broke while being screwed in.

Still, it is done, and tomorrow I hope to clear a path through the garage. All the garden stuff will go in the shed. Just the lawnmower and the hosepipe being moved will make the garage a far less hazardous place to be. And I’ll be able to go and get my garden fork without having to move the car because I’ve parked too close to the garage to open the door. That is a very happy thought.

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