Spetchley Park Gardens

ReenactorsQuite by accident, we went and watched some battle re-enactment on Sunday.

We live not far from Spetchley Park Gardens, and as Mr PC has been so busy lately, and we hadn’t had a great deal of family time, we decided to block Sunday afternoon on the calendar and go there. We thought we would be wandering round the acres of gardens. As it turns out, the M5 living history group were having their annual event there.

We saw part of the American civil war, a fragment of the Napoleonic wars and a hint of WW2. We watched some RAF emergency operations and saw a demonstration of English civil war weaponry – from pikes to matchlock muskets. We oohed and aahed over the stalls selling historical costumes and shoes. The shoes! I have such trouble finding shoes I like, but I would have been fine in the medieval era judging by what I saw there. Lovely.

We did look at the gardens too, and it was lovely being virtually alone meandering through the greenery, away from the crowds and gunpowder.

This event is held regularly on the weekend before the August bank holiday, and I would definitely like to go again, although I might try to time it so I got to see the Vikings and the Greeks too.

Incidentally, it is time for me to get a new camera. About half my shots turned out absolutely blank. When my camera did manage actual photos, it seemed determined to make the brightest, sunniest day look a bit on the dull side.


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2 Responses to Spetchley Park Gardens

  1. Monica says:

    we caught a re-enactmente around Gloucester Cathedral a couple of years back and it was fabulous! The boys loved it (and I did too!).

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