Yumi Yumi

When we moved to Evesham a year ago, someone told us there were no good restaurants in Evesham. He was wrong. There is at least one.

We have been to Yumi Yumi this evening and have had the best Chinese meal ever. We arrived to find there was an eat all you can buffet. They started with starters. For the buffet you don’t order starters, they just bring out a huge tray with a bit of everything on it. There was sticky ribs, crispy seaweed, sesame toast, spring rolls … I could carry on, but I can’t remember everything that was on the plate. It was wonderful. I could have made a complete meal of it.

Their buffet wasn’t quite what I would call a buffet. It was an order whatever you like off the menu for a fixed price. For our ‘Intermediate’ we had crispy duck and pancakes, and again, it was just lovely. I had lemon chicken as a main course, and I didn’t manage to finish it, I was so full. Again, it was as good a dish as I have ever had.

The restaurant itself is a beautiful timber framed building. It is next to The Trumpet pub, and used to be part of the same business back when there was a blacksmith resident to shoe the horses of the visitors to the inn.

Now it is a bit difficult to spot from the street. We knew where we were going, and still got almost to the front of the restaurant not being entirely sure we were in the right place, but it was a place worth finding. I think that not being very visible from the street has been a real problem for this business.

Would you know there was a chinese restaurant in the middle of this shot?

We were sad to hear that they might not be there this time next week. The first clue they were having problems was the sign on the door saying cash only. There have been weeks when they have had only one customer in the entire week. They had a new customer a few weeks ago, who had been walking past on his way to work for five years, and not noticed they were there. They have struggled on and on, and now are about at the limit of what they can do. It is such a shame. We had such a great meal, and we hope they can find a way to carry on.

If you want to try it our for yourself, hurry up. You might have less than a week to go there!


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