Terpander Socks

These socks only took a year and a bit to make!

Grey SocksThese are my first socks from the book Sock Knitting Master Class by Ann Budd. They are also my first ever toe-up socks, my first ever go at knitting using a magic loop and my first time knitting both socks at the same time.

So, toe up. I quite liked knitting toe up. I like not having to pick up stitches after the heel. Picking up stitches is probably my least favourite part of and knitting project, so I was quite pleased when I realised I didn’t have to . Casting on at the toes and knitting the first few rows was a bit fiddly, but I’m happy with the result (particularly given how badly I thought I was doing it).

Magic loop on circular needles. I didn’t really get on with my circular needles. There is a ridge where the flexible bit joins the rigid bit, and I felt that I spent a disproportionate amount of time forcing stitches over it to get them onto the needle part. This was particularly bad for the last stitch of the round, where my efforts to get rid of the ladder at the transition by pulling the first two or three stitches quite tight, just made the final stitch of the previous section tight, but left the ladder still there. I’m not sure I’d knit this way again, except for:

Knitting both socks at once. Brilliant. I’m sure I got on much faster doing it this way (OK, more than a year, I know, but it took the first 13 months to do the toes, then 10 days to finish all the rest. Just a question of getting on and doing it).

The other thing I would change is the yarn. I can’t remember what it was, sadly, but it was splitty enough and fuzzy enough to make it really easy to knit two stitches together and make it a nightmare to un-pick. It also tangled dreadfully, so I shall avoid it at all costs in the future. If I can remember what it is!

Terpander socksDo you see how precisely the colour gradient matches between the two socks? That was complete and utter happy chance. Luck, fortuitousness and serendipity. The gods of knitting smiled on me the day I cast those on.

All in all, I am pleased. Hand knits for days when purple or green might not quite go.

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1 Response to Terpander Socks

  1. Laura says:

    I was wondering about those toes! I still prefer top down, because of the fiddly start on the toe-up. I’ve got three pairs on the go at the moment…purple, green and a nice variegated blue-tan-white.

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