I Bought a Vacuum Cleaner

I didn’t get on with my old vacuum cleaner. I felt guilty about replacing it because it was perfectly functional, and for a long time I just put up with it, and grumbled a bit every time I used it. I had several recommendations for a replacement. Most people love Dysons, but I had one negative view, which made me less inclined to rush out and buy one.

Then Vax had a sale.

I have bought myself a Vax Air3. I contributed my fair share to crashing the website at the moment the sale went online, but I persisted, and bagged my vacuum for £70 instead of the £250 rrp. Obviously no-one would actually pay £250 for one, as 2 seconds on the internet finds you a price of £150 or thereabouts, but I flatter myself I got a true bargain.


The first go over the house filled the dust bin completely. The carpets looked cleaner than they have since we moved in. The middle steps have had their edges vacuumed for the first time.

The second time I vacuumed the whole house, the dust bin was completely filled again. I took this as normal. Perhaps that is the amount of dirt that regularly gets trodden into the carpet.

The third time, there was hardly any dirt. Amazing. It must have taken two goes to get back to ‘clean’. Then something else strange happened. I cleaned the bathroom floors. No, that’s not all. There was hardly any dirt. Most of what I regularly wipe off the bathroom floors must have been what we walked through from the not very clean carpets. Now they are clean, the bathrooms stay clean. I am so chuffed.

It still traps plenty of hair. Unlike the George, it traps the hair on the roller, which is easily accessible and visible, and therefore easily cleanable.It is light. It is maneuverable. It fits in the cupboard. I don’t feel like it’s a massive chore every time I get it out.

It does have some bad points.

The filter. It says to clean the filter every time the bin is emptied. The washable filter took 5 days to dry. I won’t be washing it every time.

The hose, for when you’re not using it as an upright, is very short. Luckily the whole machine is light enough to pick up easily, so it gets carried up the stairs as I do each step. Also luckily, I’m not really into vacuuming lightbulbs. If you are, this probably isn’t the machine for you unless you have terribly low ceilings.

The cord is incredibly short. Six metres. I have to plug in in three different places to do the ground floor. We don’t have a huge house, so it’s partly because of our socket placement (most seem to be at the outer corners of the house) but a couple of extra metres would have been nice. I can imagine it would be a bit of an irritation to some people. I had read the reviews and was aware of the short cord before buying. It’s a small price to pay.

Overall I would completely recommend this vacuum cleaner. I have become quite house-proud since owning it, because it is just so lovely seeing floors that look properly clean again. It is a complete change. I am happy to vacuum, instead of resenting every second. I haven’t put a picture in this post so you can imagine your own. It has 1950’s housewife (headscarf, petticoats), flinging a feather-light cleaner around the room with one hand, feather duster in the other, smile on face.

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2 Responses to I Bought a Vacuum Cleaner

  1. Laura says:

    Same reason I love my Attitude bathroom cleaner…it works! And it works on everything!

  2. Rebecca Bissell says:

    Hey this sounds the same as mine! I love mine too, same problems but it’s so much better than a Dyson. Top purchase. next time we’re over I’ll be checking! Bx

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