Our Cat Loves Us

Our cat, Princess, used to be terrified of outside. She would run from the door if you tried to open it while she was nearby. Over the summer, we tried to leave the back door open as much as possible. She gradually got braver and braver. At first she would only go out if one of us was out there, and would dash back as soon as we came in. Then she stayed out longer and longer, until eventually she became quite happy outside. She even asks to be let out now.

One side effect of her being out more, is that she is much calmer, and much more affectionate when she is in. She now loves being cuddled, even when Mr 5 is nearby. He looked at her strangely the other day, then asked, ‘What’s that funny noise?’

‘She’s purring,’ I replied.


‘It means she’s happy.’

‘But I’m here!’ Incredulous that she might be happy with him in the vicinity.

Princess loves us all now. And she wants to show us that she loves us. She wants to nurture and feed us, and she obviously thinks our diets are lacking and we are in need of morsels of rodenty goodness.

Regularly now, we have presents left for us on the path. Three in one go is her current record. Be glad I’m not posting photos. Be very glad.

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Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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1 Response to Our Cat Loves Us

  1. Rebecca Bissell says:

    Nothing quite like the love of a cat!!

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