Melt and Mix Chocolate Cake

The aroma in the kitchen this afternoon! There’s nothing like chocolate cake for filling the house with warm yummy anticipation smells.

I found the recipe for Melt and Mix Chocolate Cake here.

It is supposed to be rich and dense, and sink and crack a little as it cools. I have made this cake before, quite a while ago, but my oven obviously cooks too hot and it turned out a bit dry, dark and crisp at the edges. 160 degrees for an hour and a half almost cremated it. Today I reduced the temperature by 10C, and look:

Chocolate CakeDense and damp in the middle, but it didn’t sink and crack as it cooled. The top was crisp and firm.

But look what happened underneath:

Hollow CakeFirst let me apologise for the photo. It was the best I could do holding my phone one handed, trying to keep it steady while pressing the tiny patch of the screen to take the photo.

I have never made a hollow cake before! What happened here? I think it was undercooked inside, but because the top was so well cooked it pulled the bottom up, rather than letting the top sink. So, people, what do I do? Has this happened to you before? Do I need to reduce the temperature more and bake it for longer? Or will baking it for longer at the set temperature work? Or leaving it in the tin a bit longer before turning it out?

I really want to get this right, because even with my two not quite right attempts so far, it is still the most delicious cake ever. Well worth making again and again to get it right.

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2 Responses to Melt and Mix Chocolate Cake

  1. Laura says:

    First, I’d get an oven thermometer! My mom’s oven was cool, and produced interesting results as well, some of them better than the original.

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