A Year of Crafts

One of my resolutions for 2013 was to finish off all my unfinished craft projects. Some of them had been hanging round for decades (literally) so I was in great need of putting a stop on starting new things, and instead, finishing them. Here’s how 2013 went:


Medieval TapestryMedieval Tapestry. Started 2006. Finished 2013.


Nothing. Although I did have a broken wrist and as non-crafting excuses go, that’s quite a good one. And I was raring to go for:


Pink CardiganPink Cardigan. Started 2012. Finished 2013.

Peregrine JumperPeregrine Jumper part 1. It was way too big for my child, so I made another straight away. Started 2013. Finished 2013.

Purple BlanketForgotten Blanket Really forgotten. It wasn’t on my UFO list but it only had the ends to weave in. Started 2003. Finished 2013.


Florence TapestryFlorence Tapestry. I love this! Started by someone else who rapidly gave up and freecycled it 2011. Finished 2013.

Etui Box OpenEtui Box. Utterly unplanned. A couple of friends came and visited, bearing these kits as gifts, so I had to make one. Started 2013. Finished 2013.

Crochet ElfAlf. Started 2012. Finished 2013.


Zebra CushionsZebra Cushion Covers. Started 2013. Finished 2013.


Rose Cushion CoverRose Cushion Cover. Started 2007. Finished 2013.


Green DressGreen Dress. Started 2013. Finished 2013.

Crochet Hook Holder InsideCrochet Hook Holder. Started 2012. Finished 2013.

BedspreadPatchwork bedspread. I notice that in this photo it’s not quite finished, but I did, honestly! Started 1992. Finished 2013. Every single stitch hand stitched by me.


Spice RackDoes painting shelves count as craft? I hope so. Started 2013. Finished 2013.


Terpander socksMore socks! Started 2012. Finished 2013.

PE BagMum! I need a new PE Bag! By tomorrow! Started 2013. Finished 2013.


Leftovers ShawlLeftovers Shawl. Started 2012. Finished 2013.


Crocheted PenguinsPenguins. Started 2012. Finished 2013.


Floral Cushion CoverFloral Cushion Cover. Started 2007. Finished 2013.

I also put a mostly finished jumper in the bin. I had finished most of it. The front and back and half a sleeve were done, then I ran out of yarn. I half-heartedly looked out for some more, but I really didn’t like it any more. So Jumper. Started 2002. Binned 2013, never to be finished.

AND (this is why this post is so far into January)

January (so far)

Furry BlanketA furry blanket. This was another UFO I had completely forgotten about, but resurfaced during the year. I so wanted to get it finished in 2013, but I didn’t quite manage it. Today I laid it out neatly to get a photo, but Princess decided she liked it too. See those cat toys? They are usually stashed behind the sofa in Princess’s little hidey hole, but she obviously wanted to lay claim to this blanket. Started 2010. Finished 2014.

That is all. I have no works in progress that have been begun before this year. I have had a few hours with absolutely nothing on the go. Of course I couldn’t stay that way for long!


About planetcoops

Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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2 Responses to A Year of Crafts

  1. Laura says:

    Must feel amazing, starting with a fresh slate! And it looks like you’re starting 2014 with a project for you? Nice!

    • planetcoops says:

      Oh yes! I saw the fabric when I was buying that hideous zebra stuff, and decided I had to make something out of it, so I bought everything I needed (except a zipper foot) and hid it away.

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