Turfing Out The Turf

At this time of year all the plant sales companies send out their catalogues. I love perusing them and planning what I am going to put into the garden. Most years, that’s where it ends, because I have always lived in houses which had way overstocked gardens, and most of my gardening was more culling than planting. When we moved here a year and a half ago, it was my first blank canvas.

While looking through the catalogues I spotted one of those plant collections. You know, the ‘plant this 8m x 2m border at a bargain price’ sort. I thought, ‘That looks nice. I wonder how long that bare south facing bit of fence is?’ It is 8m long. Perfect! Now I just have to dig up and get rid of 16 square metres of turf.

I know it requires no artistry or planning on my part, and I’m entirely dependent on some garden designer. Loads of other people will have borders eerily similar to mine, but that’s OK. I’m sure it will look much better than anything I could have come up with!

I am doing this job at ten minutes a day. In ten minutes I can lift 1.6 sq m of turf, so it will take ten days to lift the turf (four down, six to go!). Then it will take about the same to get as much of the mud as possible off the turf and back onto the ground. Then I can think about planting.

I am so excited about this! This summer, I should have a colourful border of loads of different perennials. The garden will gradually become less green and more bright and I can’t wait.

All of this will be done at ten minutes a day. This has proven to be a really great way of doing it, because I never take long enough to get exhausted or fed up, but the work still seems to get done quite quickly. I’ll show you a picture once the plants go in.

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1 Response to Turfing Out The Turf

  1. The Editors of Garden Variety says:

    I love those plant bargains. I have purchased shade and bulb gardens in the past. I can’t wait to see pictures of your garden as the seasons progress.

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