This Week I Have Mostly Been Crushing Candies

A couple of weeks ago, I finished my accounting project. I worked hard on my project, and when I handed it in it was a great heavy weight off my shoulders. It was the last  part of my AAT qualification, so I had no new book to pick up.

I had also been keeping up with all my FlyLady tasks. I had days when I could sit and know that I had done everything I needed to do. All my tasks were complete.

What a great opportunity for guilt free lounging! I decided to have a few days of relaxing. How nice to be able to be utterly lazy, with no underlying river of guilt. I have lived with this river of guilt for a long time. Throughout school, I always had homework that should have been done by now. Ever since moving into my first flat, I have always had cleaning and tidying that needed doing.

There is always paperwork to file. Phone calls that need to be made. Projects that have been on the go for a decade and really should be finished. Exams to study for.

I had none of that. None.

It turns out that I am not very good at guilt free lounging. I have had a restless, discontented week or two. I have reached level 63 in Candy Crush Saga. I have flitted from one thing to another without getting anything achieved. If I had to pick on a week with most wasted time in my recent life, this would be it, and if that’s not guilt inducing, then I don’t know what is.

Next week I hope to report a new set of challenges. I suspect ‘Finding a job’ with the help of my sparkling new qualification will be high up on the list!

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Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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1 Response to This Week I Have Mostly Been Crushing Candies

  1. Laura says:

    So now you know…task and goal oriented! But I still understand about the guilt. Completely.

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