Going All Rock’n’Roll

Year One at our local school have had Tea Time as their topic this term. When I first heard that this was the topic, I wondered how on earth there could be enough to learn about tea to keep them occupied. Oh me of little faith.

One of the things they have talked about is tea dances. They have all had dancing lessons, which culminated in a performance last week. They learned to waltz, and they talked about how the dances changed over the years, then learned a bit of rock and roll. What brave teachers! I cannot even imagine how you begin to teach sixty 5 and 6 year olds to dance.

I went to the performance last week, and was very impressed.

Today we had dancing of a different kind. One of the children in Mr 6’s class had a birthday party disco. We have been to a few birthday discos with the same DJ. This particular DJ has an amazing gift. He can remember every single name and he has a 100% success rate at getting every child up and dancing. He has a repertoire which encompasses most of the current songs good at getting kids dancing. One Direction, Gangnam Style, Katy Perry. But today there was something different.

He had been told about the topic at school, and asked to play a special song. About halfway through he put on Rock Around the Clock, and the result was magic! The kids all paired up without prompting, and rock and rolled away. It was really special to watch. A really fantastic moment.



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