Kids in Costume

World book day has rolled around again. It’s that time of year when we have to rustle up costumes, and are then expected to spend ridiculous amounts of money on overpriced books at the book fair at school.  Of course paying the stupidly high RRPs, means that the school gets some books too, but I am so tempted to go to the librarian with the Book People catalogue and let her choose anything from it, than to pay over the odds for a couple of uninteresting books from a limited selection.

OK, enough of that. I shall complain no more. In fact I wouldn’t complain at all if I though that book prices were high because the people who actually wrote them were well paid. I also don’t mind paying RRP in independent bookshops, because they have huge overheads and need that profit margin. It’s companies that don’t have those overheads, but still expect you to pay £6.99 for a sticker book that annoy me.

On a brighter note, does anyone remember this post from two years ago? I am feeling quite smug today, because that costume is now having its third outing. Mr 6 has it now, and is thrilled with it. Fantastic Mr Fox is a character that he knows and, more importantly, can remember so he can tell people who he is.

This morning in the playground there was a sea of colour. There was no trouble finding where Wally was, as there were several. I saw a hobbit, Winnie the witch, a gaggle of princesses of various names, a couple of spidermen, and a cat in a hat.

There is a huge difference between the school here and the one in Pembridge where we used to live. In Pembridge, almost everyone had home made costumes. The imagination and inventiveness on show was breathtaking, especially for me, whose imagination and creativity in the costume department can only be described as ‘lacking’. Here, the vast majority of costumes were bought ready made. A contributor to this must be that far more of the mother have paid employment here. More money, less time. It’s a trade every family has to consider. I salute everyone who made a costume for their child, and I sigh in relief that this year I can rest on the work of two years ago, and next year I will probably just buy one.

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