All Things Wild

I went to a birthday party for a six year old yesterday. It was at All Things Wild, which is at the Domestic Fowl Trust in Honeybourne. It is a great place for a party, particularly when the sun is shining. We were incredibly lucky yesterday, that despite the occasional heavy shower, including a thunder storm at 6am which woke us up, the afternoon was hot and sunny and dry. Perfect to get out and see the animals.

Master 6 had a lovely time, and now wants to have his birthday party at the same place. I was a little surprised because he has never been particularly interested in living things, but perhaps he is exiting the pirate phase now, and is expanding his interests beyond his current range. He did seem to like looking at all the animals.

The peacocks wanted to stay in the shade,

Peacocksbut the pony was happy to come and say hello.

PonyThere was one thing which really tempted me. See this little fella:

ChickThis chick was for sale along with thirty or so other cute little bundles of feather. I could easily have gathered up handfuls of them to take home. While the kids were stroking rabbits and guinea pigs and goats, I was imagining having a garden full of chickens again. Unfortunately all the chicks here were unsexed so you’d just have to wait and see whether they laid or crowed, and there’s  no way I would pay £10 per chick unless I was sure it was female. Also Mr PC would not be impressed if I brought home chicks, and Princess would just consider them to be dinner. My rural idyll with chickens and muddy boots by the back door will just have to stay in my imagination. It’s probably better that way – I can imagine the weather always nice!

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