Magnolia No More

Round here at least, all new houses come in the same shade of magnolia. It is the safe colour. The colour that anything goes with. That, of course, makes it the most boring colour possible to have on your walls.

We finally have one room which is not magnolia! Miss 11 has quite a definite vision of how she wants her room to look, so she, by virtue of knowing what she wants, is the first to get it. Yesterday we painted her room. We being mostly me with Miss 11 and Miss 12 learning that painting a wall is only fun for the first five minutes or so.

What do you think?

Panted BedroomThe colour is Tropez Blue, and it creates a lovely backdrop to the pink accessories which came from her colour scheme at our last house which was a combination of shocking pink and even more shocking pink.

Tropez Blue Room

The next step is to paint all the wooden furniture black, and then to hang all her pictures and photos to get rid of the bare look. That should probably keep me busy through next week end and beyond. After that, Miss 11 must learn to keep it a bit tidier than she has been used to up until now!


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1 Response to Magnolia No More

  1. Laura says:

    That is so nice! Black accessories will look really good.

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