Up The Garden Path

The builders of our house put in a path from the back door to the back gate. Now for most people, a single line of slabs might be quite sufficient. We discovered that when we are carrying the shopping from the car and one child is trying to overtake and another is charging along on their scooter, one line of slabs is not sufficient. We also had a bit of a puddle problem. Every time it rained a puddle formed halfway along the path – another reason to want a bit more walking room. So I made some.

Path MakingWe have a wider path! It is nice to feel you have a little bit of space when walking along, and even nicer to be gradually getting rid of the ‘new build garden’ feeling. Mr 6 is not quite so impressed because stones are not the perfect scooting surface. I however am thrilled that the semi permanent puddle is no more. We have had some really heavy rain recently, and the improved drainage because of the stone borders means that the path has stayed clear.

Win – win!


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1 Response to Up The Garden Path

  1. Laura says:

    I love wide paths. It is so much more comfortable when there is enough room for someone along side! (I have the same door, I think!)

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