As of today, we have a teenager in the house. Luckily, this particular teenager did not want to be on Facebook and Twitter the moment she was allowed to, but has restricted herself to going on the Minecraft servers she has been hearing about for so long.

We did not have a big party or other event. She wanted a quiet, relaxed day with plenty of computer time. One thing we did have to do, purely because of the fact I can’t fit it in any other time, was go shopping for her new school uniform. There are middle schools in this area, which cover years 6 to 8, so unlike most of the rest of the country the kids don’t go to high school until they are 13. Actually, Worcestershire is as close to the NZ system as I have come across in this country.

Having emptied our wallets in the school shop and the shoe shop and the sports shop, and having dodged showers and squinted into the sunlight, we came back home.

In the afternoon we had reason to be glad we had got the shopping done in the morning. The skies darkened, the thunder rumbled and the wind whipped up. I went and stood outside the back door for a moment or two, feeling the disquiet in the weather. I suddenly decided that I felt quite uncomfortable being outside in the open and nipped back inside. Moments later, the most intense hail storm I have ever seen began. They weren’t the biggest stones I’ve ever seen – they were about marble sized, but they came down so heavily the air was white. Funnily enough, it exactly marked the hour that Alena was born, thirteen years ago.

Hail StormMr 6 was quite delighted by it. He has decided that it wasn’t a hail storm, but a rattle storm, and thinks it was incredibly cool that we had ice on the ground in the middle of summer.

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