Les Cascades du Herisson

If you like waterfalls, you’ll love the Cascades du Herisson. Jura is a region that is particularly well endowed with natural beauty, but before getting as far as the waterfalls, before getting as far even as the woodland surrounding the area, what we noticed was the parking. It was free. Free parking, alongside a free tourist attraction: Who could have thought such a thing possible?

The waterfalls themselves were lovely. They ranged from the large:

Cascades du Herisson

To the small:

Small WaterfallAnd the whole area was glorious, with rivers meandering through sun streaked forest and paths that were for the most part dry and well maintained.


We only got to see a fraction of the area. The paths wind round for several kilometers, and our children are not the best at uncomplainingly walking for miles. Miss 13 was the most keen. She loves water and waterfalls and would happily have kept on walking a bit longer to get to see just one more. The other two would be more likely to carry on if there was an ice cream shop just round the next bend, and as we couldn’t promise that we didn’t draw it out too long. We want them to have good memories of the place, and not just recall their weary legs.

I did wish we had taken a picnic, but we are quite an introverted family, and we would have probably spent an extra hour finding a space sufficiently far away from any other family to enjoy the surroundings as we ate, and there had been serious rain the week before we arrived to there weren’t many completely dry spots to sit, so perhaps we did right not to.

Our overall verdict is that it was a lovely start to our holiday, and you couldn’t do much better finding a glorious landscape to explore.




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