Reading with Children

Anyone in the UK with school age children, or anyone who has had school age children in the last -oh, goodness knows how many years, will probably be familiar with the Oxford Reading Tree. It’s a great load of books. There are lots of good stories, and enough variety to satisfy anyone. Many have been released which follow the phonics systems in use now, and I am sure there are new books being written all the time. I am now very familiar, being on my third reading of some of them.

Most of the time, the books come home from school, get read, get a comment in the reading record and go back to school.

Sometimes a book comes home which makes you think about how life has changed. When you have to explain the front cover before opening the book, perhaps an update is necessary.


Questions this book may raise:

What’s that? Phone boxes. I can’t remember the last time I saw one. In this book there are three all within running distance.

What’s a phonecard? I guess if you have no more phone boxes, you have no more phone cards. However, Mr 7 did understand the concept of the pre-pay card as he has experience of the Google Play store.

Why didn’t the old lady have a phone in her house? I can remember a time when I was a child when we didn’t have a phone. Back in my early childhood we moved house and had to wait until the new telephone exchange was built before getting a phone line. Nowadays I could count on my big toes the people I know who don’t have a landline. Apparently, this is becoming more usual again as people rely on mobiles rather than landlines (not surprising when it recently cost me five times as much to make a short local call on my land line as it would have on my mobile).

What’s a phone book? I don’t think Mr 7 has ever seen one in use.

Why didn’t the kids just call on their mobiles? Back in the old days…

How did the ambulance get to the house before the kids had walked back? Now that’s a whole different set of questions and answers!

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2 Responses to Reading with Children

  1. Bernard Darnton says:

    I dunno what the thing inside is but if you get close enough to the box you get free wi-fi.

  2. monica says:

    OMG I don’t miss those books… don’t you think school books ought to be updated sometime?

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