Summer Dress – McCalls M6557

McCalls M6557

I’ve been busy! I bought the pattern and fabric for this dress ages ago, when I happened to go into a shop and discover a half price sale on fabric. I love the 1950s full skirts and definite waistlines, so it was a great pattern for me. I looked for a fabric for the waistband as well, but there were none in the shop where I bought the main fabric.

The next time I was in the other fabric shop in town, I looked for a contrast fabric for the waist. They had no suitable pinks and no suitable greens, and I came away with half a metre of lilac fabric, which I thought was OK at first, but as time passed and I still didn’t make the dress I grew increasing unhappy with my choice. Eventually I made a special visit to Alcester to find an alternative fabric, and I came home with the green you see above.

So I made the dress. It took me a day, which at my speed is quite an impressive feat. The top is lined, so I have done my first ever lining. I have also made my first ever buttonhole!


See! After owning my sewing machine, which has a perfectly good buttonhole foot and stitch settings for making them, for 15 years, I have finally put in a buttonhole. I am ridiculously pleased with it even though it wouldn’t stand close scrutiny. That’s one sewing fear conquered.

One thing I was not so happy with was the sizing. This is the third pattern in a row I have made to the size the packet tells me I need to based on my measurements that I have then had to take in. My lesson is learned! From now on I will make the size I would pick off a rack in a shop. They must put a huge amount of ease in these patterns. However, it’s fine now, and if no-one looks too closely at the inside they probably wouldn’t know.

I think I might make another dress to this pattern – possibly in a less bold fabric, so it’s more an everyday wear, and definitely in the smaller size!

All that said, I love this dress – now I just need to be invited to a garden party to have somewhere to wear it out to!

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4 Responses to Summer Dress – McCalls M6557

  1. Laura says:

    Very nice! Absolutely perfect for a garden party, or Easter. Must have felt good to sit down for a whole day to sew!

    • planetcoops says:

      Yes – we dropped the kids off at their cousin’s birthday party and I got sewing. It was lovely to have a house quiet except for the sewing machine and my choice of music!

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