In the springtime, there are few more lovely places than the English countryside. We have been getting out more, prising tablets and phones from the children’s hands and walking through fields and woods.

Bluebell WoodLast week we walked round Dumbleton Woods. I love bluebells and I love woodland. And on this particular walk, the children did not complain once, which is a first. I think some sort of a medal might be in order.


This week our walk was more through farmland, although it did take in a couple of beautiful little villages, both of which I wouldn’t mind living in if I suddenly found myself far more affluent than I am now.

One of the villages is called Kineton, and has a very picturesque ford. I would have taken a photo, but a family was there, paddling in the water with their golden retriever and Iggle Piggle in a boat toy, and I’m not in the habit of photographing other people’s toddlers. I must go back there one day and get some photos. We might also pop into the pub, which has a rather nice looking beer garden.

Now I have to plan some more walks. It is very easy, after a busy (yet sedentary) week at work for me to just sit back and enjoy being at home. I love being at home, with no need to go out. It takes getting out, enjoying the countryside and feeling good about being active, to remind me it’s better than staying in all weekend.


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Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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4 Responses to Springtime

  1. hranken says:

    Beautiful pics x

  2. Laura says:

    If I was affluent, I would live in Britain during the months of February, March and April! Side trips to Holland for the tulips. Your bluebells are lovely; I had an English gent in the shop the other day, picking up then putting down a bag of our bluebells…just not the same, he said.

    • planetcoops says:

      Our bluebells are not quite the same any more either – apparently they are being taken over by the Spanish bluebell, which is much more robust and much more common in garden centres.

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