Painting and Decorating

I have just had a couple of days off work. We even got a bit of sunshine which is always hit and miss even in the summer holidays. However, I didn’t get to see much of the sun.

I have been painting.

When we moved into this house five years ago all the walls were magnolia. The standard colour. The same as almost every other new build, and rather a lot of the older housing stock in this country. I decided to eradicate it. I was going to get rid of every trace of the ubiquitous magnolia. Five years on, until this weekend I had repainted a total of two rooms.

Miss 14 had her bedroom painted a few years ago, a colour which was originally planned to be teal but ended up being Mediterranean Sea, or some such colour. It was vibrant, whatever it was called.

The living room is Soft Stone, which is another reasonably boring neutral, but we are stuck with our old sofas until we can trust our cat not to scratch new ones to shreds, and had to pick something which would go.

So both the girls wanted their bedrooms painted. Miss 15 was overdue for some colour on her walls, so I agreed. Miss 14 had for a long while come to hate the bluey-green of her room, and because she settled on the same colour as Miss 15 I agreed to do both.

Incidentally, unless you love painting and have the time to do it, never let an eleven year old choose how to decorate their room. It won’t stay in favour long. Actually, I already knew that, but chose to ignore it in my delight at painting aver the magnolia. Now, a few years later I have paid the price.

Guess what colour they chose. Of all the wonderful ranges of exciting colours they could go for, they chose … white.


Apparently all the instagrammers and you-tubers they follow have white walls so that they can change the look with the seasons, or some such excuse to encourage people to spend more money on frivolous nick-nacks. I now suspect I will have to fend off petitions for strings of led lights with copper wire and heart shaped cushions and cute candle holders.

Miss 15’s room was finished first. It went very well, and as we had bought a high opacity paint it only took one coat to cover the room. The other room, though! Oh my word! Covering up that blue was quite a challenge. It took three coats to cover it completely. As I said, I have now paid for the blue in my time and tired muscles. I am sure of one thing – I will never paint that room again. It is staying white forever.

Tomorrow I will be back at work having a bit of a rest.

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