I have a beautiful peony. This picture is from April when the peony was in full bloom. This is the height of its prettiness. And that was all. Every year it has one flower. Just the one. And usually that single flower lasts only a couple of days before the wind or rain damages it.

Not long after planting this peony, I also planted some bamboo plants. Now the bamboo plants have spread, and I always meant to move the peony before the roots got too entwined, but I kept forgetting, or sighing at how difficult our soil is to dig, and neglecting to do it. Now I fear it is too late for that.

There was one good side effect from their closeness. This year the peony flower lasted nearly a fortnight, and it was nothing to do with any unusually pleasant weather. The bamboo stalks supported the flower, so even through wind and rain, the bloom was undamaged, so a win for my laziness!

If I could only work out what to do to encourage it to have more than one flower, I would be truly delighted!

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