Last night I was woken up by the rain. How long has it been since that last happened? It seems a rare occurrence, so either I sleep very soundly or the weather in this country is generally fine.

I love the sound of rain. Especially when I am warm and dry and cosy in bed. I love to hear it battering the windows and roof, creating a cocoon of white noise.

I also love waking in the night and knowing I don’t have to get up for hours. No baby crying or toddler needing the bathroom – that was all years ago and now I have the luxury of knowing that I have until the radio turns on at 6:55. The time is mine. I love that dozing feeling, the half wake, half sleep dreamworld, and the feeling of drifting.

Sometimes when waking life is hard, when work is stressful, or when the world around seems to be sinking into madness and chaos, it is useful to have that little oasis of bliss, that moment of complete and utter calm. So thank you rain for visiting us last night. Do come back again soon.

About planetcoops

Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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