An amazing thing happened in this past week. I met my running goal.

I ran for 30 minutes!

That really did deserve its own line. I have completed the Couch to 5K running program, along with Mr PC who actually completed it a bit before me. It has taken me 11 weeks to complete the 8 week course, but when I think about how badly I started this is truly amazing. I think anyone should take comfort from the fact that once your body realises that you are going to carry on regardless of how much whinging it does, it very quickly builds up the resources to do just that.

Once I got to the fitness level expected in the first week, which took 3 week rather than one, I kept up with the program for the most part until we got to the longer continuous runs. From the first 20 minute run, I couldn’t quite manage the full times. I was two runs behind at every point and walked for part of the way while Mr PC ran on. This week, though, I have put a big tick through that item on my mental bullet journal. 30 mins Done.

The other amazing thing which has happened at the same time is that the aches and pains have disappeared. I had a sore knee before I started, which was one of the things which made me nervous of picking running as a fitness activity. It is now completely fine. The running also made a small point on my hip sore, but that has also gone in the last three weeks. Lastly, from the day I got to the 8 minute run, up until a week or so ago I had a swollen achey ankle, which got worse with each run, then improved on each rest day. Now that, too, is completely better.

I have to say that this whole process has been far better than I ever imagined it could be, so I am determined to keep it up. In fact, I now have a new target.

Actually, it’s the same target: 5k. The name of the course is a bit of a misnomer. It says Couch to 5k, but is actually Couch to 30 mins, and I run rather slowly. I took a GPS out today, and it told me that I had run 3.736Km, so the next target is 5K, and I will try to increase my speed to get the run in the half hour rather than extend the time to 40 minutes. I really hope I can get most of the way there before the nights draw in and we are running in the dark!

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2 Responses to Running

  1. Congrats!! I’m always in awe of couch to 5kers, so cool to go from not really running at all to running a full 5k. So inspiring. Good luck going forward and happy running!!

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