We are a family with many interests, living in Herefordshire, England. I hope to share some interests and challenges, and make myself write to appreciate the life we have to the full.

I’m Amanda and I keep chickens and try to grow vegetables. At the moment I’m a full time housewife, with a husband and three children, but I’m training to be an accountant so that when our youngest goes to school I can go out in to the big wide world and get a job. Hopefully when that happens I’ll still have time for my favourite past time of reading every book that comes within arms reach.

I love getting comments, or you can email me at amanda@planetcoops.com.

3 Responses to About

  1. You are the first blogger I know of that lives in Herefordshire. Well done.

    Do you keep the chickens to help with the growing of the vegetables or are the two unrelated?

    • planetcoops says:

      Unrelated, apart from a general desire to be more self sufficient! Actually, it is a nightmare gardening with chickens around if you let them free range. Firstly, they are so curious. When you’re digging they have to help too, and grab any worms you turn up – there’s a constant risk of injury if you’re not careful with the spade! They also love eating whatever it is you just planted, or scratching around in the soil disturbing any seeds or seedlings which have survived their beak.

      • See, that’s why we rule the world and the chickens have to make do with watching us do all the hard work and then getting fed for free without having to do anything.

        Er, hang on. Maybe the chickens get the best side of the deal…

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