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Couch to 5k (Again)

I am desperately unfit. I was never fit, but then I went to work full time three years ago, and the reasonable amount of exercise I used to do on school runs and gardening and walking into town now and … Continue reading

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Sock Knitting

I am knitting a sock. At the moment it is just one sock because I have managed to lose my second ball of wool. I am in two minds at the moment what to do. The other ball of wool … Continue reading

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Painting and Decorating

I have just had a couple of days off work. We even got a bit of sunshine which is always hit and miss even in the summer holidays. However, I didn’t get to see much of the sun. I have … Continue reading

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Back Again

So it has been almost two years since I last posted here, and a lot longer than that since I took this blogging thing seriously. Well, seriously is not the right word, because this was always just a little space … Continue reading

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Mr 7’s Operating System

Mr 7 desperately wants to write an operating system. He wants to build a computer as well, but ┬átotally from scratch, none of this getting chips manufactured elsewhere business, or buying drives or cables. None of us have any idea … Continue reading

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Alton Towers Revisited

On Friday we headed off to Alton Towers. We had waited all summer for the weather predictions to be good enough for me to book a day off work, and ended up going on the final day of the holidays … Continue reading

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In the springtime, there are few more lovely places than the English countryside. We have been getting out more, prising tablets and phones from the children’s hands and walking through fields and woods. Last week we walked round Dumbleton Woods. … Continue reading

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