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I Bought a Vacuum Cleaner

I didn’t get on with my old vacuum cleaner. I felt guilty about replacing it because it was perfectly functional, and for a long time I just put up with it, and grumbled a bit every time I used it. … Continue reading

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Busy Builders

The builders on our estate have been busy recently. The plots at the back of us have been transformed in the last two or three months. No longer can we pretend we’re still rural! For Laura, who wanted to see … Continue reading

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Telephone Troubles

We have a five digit phone number. When it was allocated to us we thought it was a bit unusual, but having seen that a few places round here have five digit numbers, thought no more about it. In general, … Continue reading

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Year End

Well, here it is. Another one over. So, what have I done? Firstly, we moved house. That was a biggy. If you want to do something time consuming and expensive, moving house fits the bill. I knitted six pairs of … Continue reading

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My George Vacuum Cleaner

If you have long hair DO NOT BUY A GEORGE. We bought a George, by Numatic, a couple of years ago. He’s the big brother of the ubiquitous Henry, and he likes water. He can wash as well as vacuum. … Continue reading

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A New TV!

We have bought a new TV! Our old one was about the same age as our oldest child, which must have made it about 106 in TV years. We had decided before we moved that we would get a new … Continue reading

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The View

This is the view from Mr 4’s room. Bob the Builder, eat your heart out.

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