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ALDI Noodles

My family are the fussiest eaters on earth. There was one thing I could cook, and everyone would eat. One thing. Now, they have changed the recipe and I am sad. When I realised, I went and bought all the … Continue reading

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ALDI Everyday Essentials

Regular readers of this blog will know that I shop at ALDI. I made no secret of the fact that I like ALDI. I like being able to buy good quality products at low prices. I also liked not having … Continue reading

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Frugal Matters

It has become a badge of honour: How long can you leave it before turning the heating on? We have never made it to mid November before. We are saving money and preserving fossil fuels, hooray! Yesterday morning, I got … Continue reading

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Cooking Time

Guess what we’re making! All the ingredients are all there and ready, and at this moment all the fruit is in the pan, smelling very alcoholic and absorbing all the orangey rum-ness it has been boiled in. Obtaining all the … Continue reading

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Hair So Clean You Could Eat Off It

Back at the end of last term, way back when we thought summer was on its way, there was in infestation of headlice at school. Both my girls got them, so I brought out my trusty nit comb and attacked … Continue reading

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Out and About

Our cars haven’t been out much recently. We did go out today though. It got to the point we had to decide between the chance of the weather getting better, or the risk of it getting worse. We made it … Continue reading

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