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Shall we flit from celebration to celebration? The last post here was at Halloween and now it is nearly Christmas. Well, what have we been doing in that time? Quite a lot and not much are two equally valid answers. … Continue reading

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Christmas Preparations

I bought the last Christmas present today. That is it. Complete. Done. (I think). We have the food for Christmas dinner planned and purchased. Apart from the fresh vegetables, obviously. These two things make me feel like I’m getting there, … Continue reading

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Christmas Present Review: Storio

We got Mr 4 a Storio, by VTech. You need a bit of background to understand why. Unlike his sisters, Mr 4 never liked being read to. Since he was a baby, he wouldn’t sit and listen to a story, … Continue reading

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Christmas Present Review: Elefun

I admit it, this was an impulse purchase, because Mr 4 saw it in the shop and couldn’t be drawn away. He had seen it advertised on television, and on catching sight of it in the shop, made it obvious … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! Salt Dough decorations complete – tick. Living room tidy – tick. Cakes decorated – tick. Miss 10 made roses. Miss 8 has made her most minimalist, restrained cake ever, although I am informed that there are hidden surprises. … Continue reading

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Traditional Christmas Brunch

Can you call something traditional if it’s only the second year you’ve done it? Today we were ladies who brunch. In a room where the decorations are all red, green and gold, where evergreen branches are a significant feature, and … Continue reading

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We’ve been decorating! We have lights! The Advent calendar is well underway, having been loaded with chocolate. It has been explained to Mr 4, that it is not a free-for-all (slightly belatedly). The stockings are up. They go up as … Continue reading

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Thank You, Kirstie

I’ve been having early nights in an attempt to combat both my cold and the winter blues (not entirely successfully). For most of this week I’ve been in bed for 9:30, apart from Wednesday, when I had a committee meeting … Continue reading

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All I Want For Christmas…

For Christmas, Mr 4 wants: an iPhone a Nintendo DS a pink laptop He told Santa this, then got very excited when he received a wrapped package, at the thought that it contained a Nintendo DS (and charger). There was … Continue reading

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Chrismas Eve

Well, after finally being organised for the first time ever, I can now enjoy Christmas, and unless there’s a heatwave overnight it will be my first ever proper white Christmas. Have a good one, everyone.

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