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Italian Wedding, From a Food Perspective

A week ago today we went to a wedding in Italy. I have been meaning to blog about it every day since, but, you know (see previous post). The wedding. The wedding was lovely. I have never been to an … Continue reading

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Christmas Preparations

I bought the last Christmas present today. That is it. Complete. Done. (I think). We have the food for Christmas dinner planned and purchased. Apart from the fresh vegetables, obviously. These two things make me feel like I’m getting there, … Continue reading

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Frugal Matters

It has become a badge of honour: How long can you leave it before turning the heating on? We have never made it to mid November before. We are saving money and preserving fossil fuels, hooray! Yesterday morning, I got … Continue reading

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I thought in mid September that our tomatoes were going to be a sad story. They were virtually all green, and I had been buying supermarket tomatoes throughout the summer. Then we got that warm weather a couple of weeks … Continue reading

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Date Cake Fingers

These are the perfect combination of delicious and easy. It is basically a two egg sponge mix with no raising agents, combined with the same weight of chopped dates, and is so, so, so simple and quick. Ingredients 100g/ 4oz … Continue reading

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Plum Jam

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Summer Feast

Have I mentioned that my kids are fussy eaters? Not Mr 3, bless him, but the girls are dreadfully particular. Because of this, our meal plans have become incredibly boring. Six days out of seven you can tell what will … Continue reading

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