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Tomato Plants

I really thought I had killed off all my tomato plants. I grew them, hardened them off, and planted them outside. Then the weather turned cold and miserable and my poor tomato plants didn’t know what hit them. No more … Continue reading

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It rained a bit this morning. I had dreamed of thunder. Then, after the alarm went off, I got up and headed to the bathroom. As I was brushing my teeth, the lights dimmed for a couple of seconds, then … Continue reading

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We have had the heating on today. We were fine-ish all day, but had visitors this evening, so we decided we’d better have the house at a reasonable temperature. I think this is the first time we’ve ever put heating … Continue reading

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Autumn Denial

I am in denial. According to my calendar, it is still summer, and will be for another eleven days. The weather, however, says otherwise. We have just had the coldest summer since 1993, but in 1993 I was still in … Continue reading

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What a lovely couple of days we have had here! Two evenings ago we watched the weather report, which told us that within a couple of hours the rain would arrive, stay all the next day, then we’d have a … Continue reading

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Out and About

Our cars haven’t been out much recently. We did go out today though. It got to the point we had to decide between the chance of the weather getting better, or the risk of it getting worse. We made it … Continue reading

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Weather Report

Weather. I fully appreciate all the difficulties inherant in guessing what the weather is going to be. I never expect weather reports to be accurate, and¬†generally I don’t bother watching them, finding that mostly, whatever the weather is like today, … Continue reading

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