Weekend Wanderings

One of the reasons I don’t post on here so often any more is that with the amount of time that the everyday living and earning takes, I don’t make as many things, craft or cake, and I don’t spend much time in very many places that aren’t work, school or home. I am sure that nobody want to hear how Master 9 spent all weekend on his computer, or that I have no idea what Miss 16 did all weekend because she was in her room the entire time.

So what exciting things did I do this past weekend to be worthy of a blog entry? First of all we went to Screwfix. Thrilling, I know.

The reason we went to Screwfix was to buy an air compressor and wrench, because whoever put the back wheels on my car the last time I had my tyres changed tightened the bolts way too much. There was no chance of getting them off by hand. So now we own a compressor. Still, to Mr PC a job is only worth doing if it requires the purchase of a new tool, so that was alright then.

This purchase precipitated our next trip. You see, a big problem with buying anything new, is that you have to find somewhere to put it, and our garage is choc-a-bloc full of all sorts of weird and wonderful items which we will probably never need again. We decided to do a trip to the Household Waste Recycling Centre.

The main thing to be dumped was our old exercise bike. The removal men broke it when we moved here over five years ago, and it had not moved from its corner of the garage ever since our moving day. It was a sad old piece of equipment, the once white plastic, now yellowed almost to buttercup, the moving parts stiff from neglect. So long, old thing, you will not be missed.

We filled the remainder of the back of my car with old sofa cushion inners, and cardboard boxes and packaging foam, and tested out my new rear shock absorbers on the speed bumps at the dump.

The funny thing is, that even having taken away about three cubic metres of junk, the garage is just as full as it ever was. I am going to have to get my eBay head on and start to get rid of the things that are too good to throw away. I will also have to train myself to throw things out even if they might possibly, at some point, maybe, be useful for something, because do you know how often we buy a duplicate of something because we can’t find the first one which we know we have put away somewhere?

Every single time.

I am on a mission, now. A tidy garage mission. 3 cubic metres down, about 15 to go!

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Living a busy family life in a beautiful place with a hundred and one things to be achieved.
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