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My George Vacuum Cleaner

If you have long hair DO NOT BUY A GEORGE. We bought a George, by Numatic, a couple of years ago. He’s the big brother of the ubiquitous Henry, and he likes water. He can wash as well as vacuum. … Continue reading

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Doing FlyLady Extreme

In May I am going to try to do everything Flylady tells me to! Before those of you in the know say No! No! No! Babysteps, remember! I should say that I have been Flying for two years now. I … Continue reading

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Hidden Clutter

We have loads of hidden clutter. We used to have lots of unhidden clutter as well, but I’ve managed to sort out most of that. I’m really proud of the way this house can look (when I have a bit … Continue reading

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Clean and Tidy

My house is clean and tidy. Perhaps you might be unaware of how significant this is. In my lifetime it has happened before, albeit briefly, mostly when estate agents had just called to let us know people were on their … Continue reading

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Piggybacking Habits

I have been trying out piggybacking habits. I know when I make resolutions, or try to do things differently the chances of keeping it up for long are minimal. Something I have worked out, is that if I attach my … Continue reading

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On Shiny Taps and The Importance of Framing Your Shots

Yesterday I was reminded that I am trying to follow the Flylady system. I discovered the Flylady website in May, after I had made peace with the concept of having to do housework, and was looking for a system to … Continue reading

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