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Losing and Finding

Sometimes, on my meanderings round the house, My attention will snag on something that has been left in a really random place. I’ll think ‘Goodness, why is my crochet hook on the bathroom windowsill? I’m sure I didn’t leave it … Continue reading

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Non Stick Frying

A few weeks ago I bought a new frying pan. I had attempted to cook pancakes and was horrified at the way they stuck like glue to the old pan. The non stick surface had been gradually eroded until it … Continue reading

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Half Term Round Up

Where to start? With French, probably. We have a habit of occasionally using foreign phrases. Just the odd one, now and again, that we have picked up over the years, and Mr PC and I are used to the fact … Continue reading

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A Swishing Party

I went to a swishing party. Until a couple of months ago I had no idea what a swishing party was. It all sounded a bit risque to me. I know there aren’t likely to be many people as ignorant … Continue reading

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There’s nothing like having five house viewings in a month to make sure you spend time vacuuming and window cleaning that would otherwise have been spent pootling about on the internet! I really do love having a clean and tidy … Continue reading

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