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I have recently been thinking about exciting things like the balance of trade. I have been thinking that the financial state of a country will never be able to be sorted out while more money is being spent importing things … Continue reading

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Happy June

I have completely neglected to tell you about The How of Happiness recently! How remiss of me! The last I mentioned, I was planning to spend April not overthinking negative things, and avoiding social comparisons. This, it turns out, is … Continue reading

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Worcester Wanderings

We had to take a car to Kwik-Fit today. We needed a couple of new tyres, so we booked it in to the Worcester branch, and thought that we would have enough time to pop in to Worcester for a … Continue reading

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Tomato Plants

I really thought I had killed off all my tomato plants. I grew them, hardened them off, and planted them outside. Then the weather turned cold and miserable and my poor tomato plants didn’t know what hit them. No more … Continue reading

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Mums Should Go Back To Work. Discuss.

So the government has said that mothers should go back to work to help the ailing economy. If every mother who wanted to was in a job, the economy would be something like ten percent bigger than it is, and … Continue reading

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