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And We Are In

In the whole history of things just falling into place at the right moment, we just struck gold. I didn’t really go into this on this blog, but the whole saga of moving house was quite a long story. Just … Continue reading

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Moving House

See you on the other side!

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Moving House

We exchanged on our house sale today! I was nervous about putting the fact we had sold up on this blog, but now we have exchanged I feel a lot more secure. It has taken nearly a year – this … Continue reading

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There’s nothing like having five house viewings in a month to make sure you spend time vacuuming and window cleaning that would otherwise have been spent pootling about on the internet! I really do love having a clean and tidy … Continue reading

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House for Sale

It’s official! Our house is now on the market. Go and take a look. Apparently I have a beautifully well kept garden, who’d have thought it? It’s amazing what ten minutes a day can do.

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